Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Milestones

We spent the middle two weeks of July at my father's home in Waterloo, Ontario while he travelled to the province of Newfoundland.  What great adventures we had in Waterloo!  No one wanted to come home and the girls wished that Opa would stay away for another week.

African Lion Safari and Julian's Milestone
My mother took us all on safari!  The weather was fabulous and we stayed all day.
Anna (7 yrs), Holly (5.5 yrs) and Jasmine (3.5yrs) with their favourite animals.
Julian hits a milestone:  his first pony ride!

Julian was quite dapper in his safari shirt!
 Jazzy's Milestone
Jasmine (3.5 yrs) is phenomenally coordinated.  Not only is she an excellent swimmer, but this kid can handle a bicycle like a pro!  We'll be taking off the training wheels by the end of the summer, I imagine.

She can turn corners and go up and down curbs with no difficulty.
 Anna's Milestone
Anna (7 yrs) REALLY wanted to come down the big slide at the public pool we visited, but first she had to pass a swimming test.  Well, she's NEVER participated in any type of assessment before, and I was so nervous for her!  But she passed the test NO PROBLEM (half front crawl, half doggy-paddle).  And she loved the slide!

After she came down the slide, she swam to the edge of the pool so fast that we all laughed and asked her if she thought an alligator was chasing her!

Holly's Milestone
Poor Holly.  She felt pretty left out when we all were so excited for Anna's accomplishment.  But, lucky for her, she had just achieved the required weight to move from a 5-point harness in the car to a booster seat.  YAY HOLLY!  (But sorry, kid.  I didn't take a picture.)


  1. Awwww Patti, Holly's MUUUUCH safer in a 5pt harness...I know you HATE car seats and all ;) and IF you need PROOF, just look at the crash tests, they don't lie!! 8(
    Sorry Patti, not meaning to rain on Holly's 'parade'...just wanted to give you ALL of the info just in case you weren't aware?
    I have my guys in seats that will hold them harnessed to 65lb...they'll more than likely grow OUT of the harnesses in HEIGHT WAAAY before they even come CLOSE in weight...
    We all feel DIFFERENTLY about these things brother for instance, our niece is 8 and so she 'graduated' to having NOTHING, just a belt...which of course IS within the perameters of the LAW...just not MY laws!! ;) I keep wanting to lie and offer them something that's been 'given' to me just in case they'd actually USE it...
    Anyways, enough said, I've got to PUSH on CERTAIN things...we all have our THINGS right?!?! ;)

  2. @ Julie
    No problem, Julie. I know where you're coming from. Stay tuned for my post called "Why I Hate Carseats." :-)