Are YOU a Jazzy Mama?

When I started this blog, my third daughter Jasmine was a baby.  Whenever she would gurgle or squeak I would ask her "Jazzy, Mama?"  and soon it just formed its own refrain.  Jazzy, Mama?  Jazzy Mama?  Jazzy Mama.

Around that time I started to get really serious about discovering who I was and what kind of a mother I wanted to be.  I got jazzed up.  I felt like a Jazzy Mama.

So what does it mean to be a Jazzy Mama?  It's about confidence, girls.  It doesn't mean we have all the answers but it does mean that we are capable of finding them.  And it helps if you have a galloping self-esteem, too.

Here are a few essential details (and a few that are essential just for me):