About Me

Did you ever think you had the world by the tail?  That you were flying high and nothing could bring you down?  Did you have the best laid plans and you knew exactly where you were headed?  Did you have all the answers and nothing could sway you?


Well, that was me.  Until I became a mother.  Now I know that I don't know very much of anything and everyday brings new challenges and new questions.

I graduated from a 5-year highschool program in 4 years.  Then I independently financed my way through 4 years of university, graduating with two Bachelor degrees:  One in French and one in Education.  For 5 years I taught Grade 8 French, Math and English at the biggest inner city school in Toronto.  I was also working on a Masters of Education and I was getting ready to enroll in courses to become a school principal.  Looking for even more challenge, I transferred to a smaller school to teach at the Grade 6 level.  There, I met Partner-Guy.

Ours is not exactly your typical love-story.

We dated off-and-on for a year and then with absolutely no thought whatsoever we decided to have a baby.  Then we broke up.  Then we bought a house about 6 weeks before our daughter was born in April 2004.

Then we had a few more babies:  December 2005, January 2008 and July 2010.

And guess what?  Somewhere between baby #2 and baby #3, I fell in love with Partner-Guy!  It just proves that you just never where your life is going to lead you....