Friday, July 8, 2011

Hot Love in the Summertime

Oh, I love the summer!

And a new reason to love it just hit me yesterday:  SKIN!

Summer provides so many great opportunities to physically connect with my little ones!

  • the hot little hand that slides into mine as we walk
  • the sweaty baby head that rests on my bare shoulder
  • the cold-wet, just-out-of-the-pool little body that throws herself onto my lap
  • the soft arms that wrap around my back when I offer a piggy-back ride during a too-long walk
  • Julian's cool feet that rest on my bare thigh when I curl up beside him at night
  • the swimsuit-clad body that jumps off the edge of the pool into my arms
  • Holly's silky hair as I braid it
  • the tight little back as I push her higher and higher on the swing
  • the dripping daughters who need a big towel after playing in the rain
Isn't it funny how these moments just don't happen the same way when the children are dressed in snowsuits?!

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