Saturday, July 9, 2011

Could you Live in a Yurt?

I saw a great little article in The Toronto Star this week about a family who lives in a yurt.  In Kingston, Ontario.

You've got to click on the link and see the pictures of their home.  It's fabulous.

The article says that this family of six decided that their 1900 s.f. bungalow was too big for them.  So they bought 25 acres and put up 2 yurts connected by a centre entrance-way.

The mother of the family is quoted thus:

“People think that we’re . . . ” Labelle-Neven’s voice trails off, searching for the appropriate pejorative word for a family that’s opted for the uncommon. “But we’re . . . just . . . normal.”

They sound like us.

We're normal.  We're just doing doing things in a way that is not common.

Guess what?

Now I want a yurt.


  1. The crunchy commune! I think you have found one more piece of the puzzle on how we can gather all of us crunchy families into one big grow our own, school our own, raise our own group. ;)

    For what it's worth, I've stayed in yurts before and they are awesome. I would totally live in one, too.

  2. LOL! I heard about yurts years ago during my time in Canada. The group I was living with was all about getting them, though they never did. I think it's a great concept. Don't know if I have the enthusiasm to live in one now as I once did, but I would look into it again :)

  3. I showed this to my husband, figuring he would laugh and think it was cool... and now there is an outside chance we might live in one. :-o It's certainly in the "possible but unlikely" state at this time, but who knows! If we do, you should totally come visit. :-)