Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guelph Lake, Ontario

I love Guelph Lake.

I grew up less than a 40 minute drive from Guelph and never once went to Guelph Lake. It is actually a dam which was constructed in 1974.  I consider it to be one of Southern Ontario's best kept secrets.

We went to Guelph Lake on a weekday in June when the majority of would-be vacationers were still in school or at jobs.  This allowed us to have the entire facility virtually to ourselves.  The weather was fabulous, we brought tons of food and we had a great time.  My father even came with his canoe!

Julian (11 months) loved crawling and splashing along the shore.

Jazzy (3.5yrs) loved the canoe ride.

Jazzy with her Opa.

Fabulous, eh?

What little boys do at the beach when they get tired.
Holly (5.5yrs) and Anna (7yrs)
Picture taken by Holly!  Julian continued his nap....
Picture taken by Anna.
Look at that sky!

Quite an accomplishment!

At the end of the day 'The Men' had a final conversation.
And that was our vacation!

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  1. Such great photos! Your kiddos are just adorable!