Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Am That Mom

Inspired by MJ at WanderWonderDiscover.

I am not like every mom. 

  • I am that mom whose children stay up until 11pm playing Go-Fish with their Granny because sleeping late the next day is one of the fringe benefits of Unschooling.
  • I am that mom who lays down with all 4 children to go to sleep every night and who stretches her arm past the baby and the 3-year-old to hold the hand of the 7-year-old.
  • I am that mom who dresses the baby in three layers of clothes and packs a bag with apple slices and buttered toast because the three big sisters want to have a picnic outside even though it is only 3 degrees above zero.
  • I am that mom who travels to another city to visit a naturopath because he is the only health-care professional she can find who cares about her child's severe eczema.
  • I am that mom who bakes bread and muffins and cookies everyday because I will not feed my children chemicals marketed as food.
  • I am that mom who apologizes to her children.  Daily.
  • I am that mom who gets off the phone or off the computer whenever my children ask me to because being in the moment with them requires me to actually pay attention.
  • I am that mom who doesn't allow guests to use adult language or discuss adult subjects in front of her children.
  • I am that mom who doesn't make her kids adhere to strict codes of cleanliness because washing your hair or combing your hair or scrubbing behind your ears or cutting your toenails instead of biting them does not have anything to do with growing up to be a kind, patient, authentic human being.
  • I am that mom who spent an entire summer rescuing ants off the driveway before Daddy came home in the car because a tender-hearted 4-year-old couldn't bear the thought of any tiny creature being harmed.
  • I am that mom who is always surprised when her children say "I love you."
  • I am that mom who says "Yes" when her 3-year-old, who self-weaned months ago, asks to nurse again.
  • I am that mom who refuses to have ultrasounds because I'd rather find out the truth at the moment of birth than hear a bunch of 'maybes' and spend the joyous months of pregnancy worrying.
  • I am that mom who doesn't EVER make her children answer strangers who ask them questions.
  • I am that mom who values kindness more than manners and creativity more than success.
What MOM are you?

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  1. Many of yours resound with the type of mom I am too! Your kiddos are super cute :-)