Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unschool Today: More Freedom and Joy

First, they ate breakfast outside.

Then, mysteriously, their stuffed animals ended up on the roof of the shed.

Diapers out on the clothesline:  One of my favourite sights of Spring.

Naptime for the little thumb-sucker.

Sprinkler-time for the big sisters.

Doesn't this look like fun?

How cute is THIS BOY?  One-handed gardening!  "Don't worry, Mom.  I got my thumb!"


  1. I love that the stuffed animals are on the roof! And, yes, that is one cute, little gardener!

  2. Beautiful children! Any explanation offered about the animals? You never know what they'll come up with... my twin cousins (3 at the time) once told me they needed to break up the styrofoam packaging to let out the people who were inside of it. :-)

  3. A little "green thumb"er!! so cute!