Friday, May 6, 2011

Are you Ready to Dig Deep?

Have you visited The Organic Sister yet?  Here's what she's saying this week:

The Magic of Digging Deep

There are times in your life when things come to you and through you. These are the times when you’re heart and soul gets poured into something and you not only create what you believe in, but are created and healed at the same time.

This is magic. This is when the dots are connected and it’s all beyond words and it makes sense anyway.

This is Life. It’s when the mess is beautiful and our hearts are cracked open and we just get it, whatever “it” there is to get.

This is what Digging Deep is for me.

It’s my heart and soul, the foundation to build Truth on, my creation and my healing, my message to the world…that you’re not broken, you’re not bad, you’re not helpless in your circumstance.

You are powerful. You are amazing. You have capabilities no one else has and a purpose no one else can fulfill.

And it’s time for you to understand what is getting in your way.

The Digging Deep Toolbox

Digging Deep is a life-long toolbox to help you uncover blocks, overcome fears and move through your challenges to create a self-designed life of passion, autonomy and authenticity.
You can use it as your catalyst for personal growth, your inspiration for healing or your toolbox for awareness and empowerment. Because you have something beautiful to create in this world and some things aren’t serving you one bit.

Here’s what you can expect to find in the Digging Deep toolbox.

A 151 page e-book full of discovery, recognition, dismantling & rebuilding

16 worksheets to help you DIG into this deep soul-work

1 gorgeous assignment + Double Dog Dare to plant your seeds of growth

The tools to move through your blocks and create something amazing

As an added BONUS to the beautiful and diverse learners out there…

Full audio of the entire e-book and every worksheet! You can read, listen, write or talk according to how you learn and process best.

Are You Ready to DIG In?

I want you to know more. Because there is so much more to know.

I want you to know who this toolbox is for, what others are saying and what the process looks like.

I want, more than anything, for this process to be a magical one, full of healing and discovery and incredible growth.

If you’re ready to DIG in, click this link .

This post comes from Tara Wagner at The Organic Sister and does not contain any original content from me.  Ownership is retained by Tara.

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