Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where I'm Reading These Days

I'm off books a little bit.

But I've begun following a few other mommy-bloggers and I've updated my BLOG LIST with a few of my new favourites.  Please check them out!

  • Wendy Priesnitz Challenging Assumptions Blog  Wendy Priesnitz and her husband Rolf are the co-founders of Life Media and the publishers of Life Learning Magazine.  Finding their writing and publications was the game-changer for me.  They were unjobbing and unschooling before anyone even knew what those words meant!  While John Holt is referred to as the father of Unschooling in America, Wendy Preisnitz has been called the preistess of Unschooling in Canada.  I devour every word she writes.
  • Code Name:  Mama  One of the hostesses of the Carnival of Natural Parenting, Dionne writes about her gentle, natural approach to raising her son.  Like me, she gave up a successful carreer to be a stay-at-home-mom.  Her ideas are radical (compared to mainstream parenting) but her words are thoughtful, kind and gentle.  Moms like her will change the world.
  • Hobo Mama  Lauren is the other hostess of the Carnival of Natural Parenting.  I like her writing because it is raw, personal and to the point.  She is expecting her second baby this spring and I can hardly wait to read all about it.
  • The Mahogany Way  I like Darcel primarily because she's got a lot of kids close in age, like me!  Plus she gets excited about cloth diapers.  And she's an Unschooler--what's more to love?
  • Mommying My Way  Adrienne is a new mommy with a son the same age as Julian.  She blogs about her journey to understand attachment parenting.  I'm making a big assumption here, but I think that if she lived on my street we'd be good friends.  She is honest and introspective--two qualities I admire.
  • Hey Red {365}  A fellow Canadian!  She doesn't post often, but her writing is interesting, honest and sometimes funny.  Kristina is smart, and I'd love to have her for a friend too.
  • The Accidental Natural Mother  Mary recently wrote an excellent explanation of the writings of Alfie Kohn, an author and speaker who teaches natural, attachment parenting.  Mary gets it.  And she makes me feel like I can get it too.
  • Strings to Things  Kristy's a photographer, a crafter and a natural parent.  Seems to me like she's got it goin' on!  I can probably learn a few clever crafting tips from her.
  • Attached at the Nip  Mama Mo writes about nursing twins.  I can't even imagine.  And she's opinionated.  I like that.
  • Momma Jorje She's an Unschooler and an Unjobber. 
  • Wander Wonder Discover  MJ is unschooling in Florida and she is so insightful about her experiences.  Her ideas are wonderful, thoughtful and authentic.
  • The Organic Sister  Oh, Tara!  I don't remember how I found her site but I LOVE IT.  Go there and download her e-book and then tell me what you think of her.  Oh, to have a sister like Tara...
If you are a follower of mine, would you consider following any of these other bloggers?  I'm sure they would love the support and encouragement.  And if you find someone whose story resonates with you, will you let me know?

Happy reading!


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the shout-out! I love reading your blog!! And I just noticed on the "About Me" section here that you were a former teacher- I too taught elementary school for five years before becoming a mom. :)

    And, I too was JUST thinking about an hour ago about I never have time to read books anymore. Blogs are perfect for the amount of time I have to read- just a few minutes at a time throughout my day! Thanks for these suggestions, I'll check them out!

  2. Yes! Thanks for the link-love :-) I don't think I've written it anywhere on my blog, but I'm a teacher-turned-professional-mama, too! I taught for seven years.

    And I also read blogs instead of books. Who has time for a novel?! (Although I probably could get a few chapters in during the time I spend online, but I crave the connection...)

    On my way over to Adrienne's :-)