Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Son

Julian came to us with three surprises: his rapid arrival after just 1 1/2 hours of labour, his gender and his size, a whopping 10lbs. 2oz!

He is the most amazing baby, and I am just as much in awe of him as I was with each of my three daughters. I believe there is a renaissance of love with each new baby I hold. What I mean is that each time I caress his sweet skin or hold him to my breast I feel as though I am re-mothering each of my babies. I renew my love for each child whenever I give my love to Julian. It is the most incredible feeling to lay in bed with all four of my children. The way my mother-love multiplies is one of the great miracles of my life.

Here we are on the 6th day with our son. Happy. Overflowing. Thankful. Humbled.

The other great miracle of motherhood is that any woman who has endured one natural childbirth is willing to do it again! How does the brain erase the memory of the pain to such a degree that one choses to endure it again?

When I reflect on Jasmine's birth, I describe it as climbing a mountain. For 4 1/2 hours I struggled onwards and upwards with the summit always in sight. The pain was intense but I was committed to reaching my goal--a natural homebirth--and I approached the journey with confidence.
By contrast, Julian's birth was more like surviving a tsunami. I was crushed by wave after wave of agony with barely a whisper of a break before being pummelled again. After he tore through my body there was a new type of devastation to endure and recover from. But the real point is that I did survive and my brain is already beginning to erase the memory. And to be able to completely fall in love with this baby inspite of the pain I've endured must say something about what love is really all about.

Look at the dimple on this boy!! And would you believe he has one on the other cheek, too? I have just one dimple on my right cheek, a genetic gift from my father.

And look at the huge feet! His toes are practically fingers!! I just can't get enough of kissing his feet and wondering if he will have the same gift for running as his father.

And so we welcome our son.
Today's photos were taken by my friend Julie. Beautiful, aren't they?

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