Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to be a Jazzy Mama

  1. Establish a personal sense of fashion that feels comfortable and has a personal flair. My style is a perfect fitting pair of jeans, a t-shirt and shoes with a heel.
  2. Wear make-up.
  3. Wear sunscreen and use face and body moisturizers everyday.
  4. Eat conscientiously and exercise moderately.
  5. NEVER act like what you're eating is the most scintillating experience you've had in recent memory. And don't get excited about chocolate. Ever.
  6. Don't yell, bark whine or snap at your kids in public.
  7. Do go EVERYWHERE with your kids including to the salon, the dentist and the change room at The Gap. Bring them along like a treasured accessory to your outfit, and don't stick them in strollers where no one can see them.
  8. Never make your kids 'perform', especially for strangers.
  9. Make other people wait while you meet the needs of your children.
  10. Never apologize for your children--their job is not to please other people.
  11. Be affectionate with your children in public.
  12. Never let someone else's opinion derail your confidence as a mother or your trust in your children.
  13. Do not waste your time or effort on relationships that do not contribute anything positive to your life.
  14. Never lament about your life as a mother to anyone other than the people who love your children as much as you do.
  15. Believe you are smart, beautiful and fabulous. You are!!

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