Thursday, August 18, 2011

UN-Back-to-School Shopping

This morning the Sears' Christmas Wish catalogue arrived at my front door.

The thought hit me, "Christmas shopping?  I haven't even done Back-to-School shopping yet!  Wow, I am WAY behind."

Aaaah, wait a minute there, woman.  You don't DO Back-to-School shopping.

Yes that's right, friends.  I am blissfully non-participatory in the whole Back-to-School phenomenon.  No shlepping through crowded shopping malls.  No hoarding of pencils and binders from Walmart.  No fighting with the kids to make them choose the more practical running shoes.

Do you want to know what I did this week?

I spent a day on the beach at Toronto Island with my 3.5 yr old daughter Jasmine and 13-month old Julian.  I spent another day at the Ontario Science Centre with 7yr old Anna (and 13-month old Julian.)  And I spent another day in Waterloo with the whole family visiting each of my parents.  And I took 5.5yr old Holly out for lunch.  And I filled in a little time blanching and freezing broccoli, taking my kids around the block on their bikes, cleaning out the storage shed and making some amazing summer suppers.

I've read a few magazines this week and I've hung 6 loads of laundry on the clothesline.

Back-to-School shopping?  No way.

But even though I'm not doing anything to prepare for the fateful Tuesday after Labour Day, it actually IS on my mind for two reasons.
  1. Partner-Guy is an elementary school teacher.  So, sadly, we must bid him adieu in 2 1/2 weeks as he returns to work.  Honestly, I can't think of worse job for him.  (Except that we really appreciate the short work hours, the summer holidays and the generous compensation.  Did I mention the generous compensation?)
  2. I love September (when schools are full of kids) so that MY kids and I can return to all the places we enjoy!  Imagine going to the beach and the Zoo and the Science Centre and the playground with only about 1/10 the number of people!  It's fabulous. (Last year we went to the Science Centre on the first day of school and the only other people who were there were homeschoolers.)  This year I think we will go to the Zoo.  Yippee!
So, while the end of August does bring the end of our summer together as a family, we can celebrate the good times to come in September.

(And since I haven't blogged about Unschooling all summer, I will soon be posting some interesting stories related to what my children are learning right now.  Are you Unschooling yet?  You know you want to.)

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  1. I love September at our city's museums too! They are completely empty for almost the entire month until field trip season starts. -Kerry