Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Urge to Purge

It's (finally) springtime here in Toronto and although I am not nesting, I am purging.

It hits me every spring that I seem to have spent all winter accumulating STUFF.  Toys, clothes, books, baby paraphernalia.  You'd be amazed how many baby items I have that I don't even need!  My stash of carriers is nearing the double digits and Julian has so many pairs of shoes that he'll need to start running marathons in order to come even close to wearing out any of them.

Actually, we are very lucky to have friends and neighbours who have generously given us more clothes for Julian than we will ever need.  I sort through everything we are given and whatever I don't think I will use I donate to The June Callwood Centre in downtown Toronto.  It is a resource and housing centre for pregnant teens.  I can't think of a more vulnerable group than teen mothers and I am happy to pass on whatever might be of use.

Our neighbourhood has a gigantic yard sale in April, so most of the items I am purging will be offered for sale on that day.  I have decided to donate the proceeds of my sale to La Leche League Canada and whatever does not sell will go to The June Callwood Centre.  Here's what's leaving the premises, never to return!
  • The High Chair--I'll be glad to get this cumbersome annoyance out of the house.  |At 8 months, Julian is so big that he can easily handle sitting in a booster seat as long as he is strapped in.
  • The Change Table--I wouldn't even have set up the change table for Julian since it takes up so much space, but I didn't have anywhere else to keep his clothes and diapers!  Now he flips around so much when I change his diaper that I usually have to change him on the floor or on the bed.  I think I'll be able to move his baskets of clothes to a shelving unit for now and eventually I will purchase a dresser for his clothes and mine.
  • All Out-grown Outdoor Winter Clothing--Since Julian is not going to be wearing purple boots or a pink snowsuit, it's time to get rid of everything that Jasmine has outgrown.
  • My Multiple Winter Coats--need I say more?
  • Bikes and Trikes--now here's something I wish that people wouldn't give us.  They take up so much space and they are usually rusting and really, does a family need three tricycles?
  • Assorted Children Books--especially Barney books and anything with a bottle-feeding/crib sleeping theme in it.
  • Strollers--I have 4.  I use only one.  You do the math.
  • Bedding--we have a single, a queen and a king.  I figure we need two sets of sheets for each bed, plus a summer-weight quilt and a winter-weight duvet.  The rest can go.
So that's a pretty good list, eh?

I'm no expert on home organization or living simply, but I have found some pretty good information and inspiration from Simple Mom.  I don't endorse everything she writes about, but when it comes to getting rid of stuff, this girl (her name is TSH;  any clues how to pronounce that?) knows what she's talking about.  I even bought her book.

So when the purging is over, I'll be ready to focus on gardening.

What's on your To-Do List for Spring?

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  1. 1) clean out garage. 2) Finish up some projects that I have on the go. 3) Drop in on some friends on Westview.