Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Reason Behind THIS

Today I received this anonymous comment on my post titled Yes, Homeschool in Ontario is Legal

Thank-you so much for posting this info! It is so clear and concise, and your argument so well balanced. I have been hovering on the brink of officially sending my daughter part-time...she is currently enroled full time. I have had to face the inquisition of the school board attendance "counsellor" and the principal, neither of whom knew that part-time attendance was a legal option until I informed them. Your posting touches on every single one of my concerns regarding how to deal with potential "persecution" by school officials who are ill informed and functioning in an old authoritarian paradigm. So thank you for providing this and helping me to bolster my courage, to arm myself with info and to finally commit to what my heart feels is right for my daughter!

Oh!  Yes!
I am just DELIGHTED that someone found information on my blog to support them in following their instincts to meet the needs of their children without coercion, arbitrary expectations or mainstream habits.

Sure, I'd love to have more followers (if you are reading this online right now, please look to the right of the screen and click on FOLLOW under 'Fellow Life Learners'; if you are reading this in an email you will have to go to my website by clicking on the words Jazzy Mama at the bottom of the email).  Sure I'd love to have more subscribers (you can subscribe by clicking on Subscribe to Jazzy Mama, also at the right of this page if you are viewing it online).  And I'd love it if other mommy-bloggers would link to my site.  (Please.  Anyone.)

But the real reason behind why I write about authentic parenting, attachment parenting, unschooling, non-violent communication and living naturally is because I just hope that something I write will resonate with someone and help them in their parenting journey.

My other posts that receive a lot of traffic (other than the 2 I've written for the Carnival of Natural Parenting) are My Baby Won't Stop Crying and Review and Update on Jasmine.

In the first one, I wrote about how Julian had all the typical symptoms of Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disorder--crying when lying down, needing to sleep in an upright position, coughing and choking while nursing, crying inconsolably, arching when on his back, stiffening while nursing.  I'm glad that people are finding that post and hopefully they are getting treatment for their suffering babies.

In the second one I wrote about Jasmine's severe eczema which began as a rash on her face at 3 weeks old and eventually became oozing red patches all over her body.  She was dismissed by several MDs as having a benign skin condition (!) and we eventually found a terrific naturopath, Dr. Peter Klassen in Waterloo, who ordered an IgG test and began providing her with numerous supplements and homeopathic treatments.  Now at 3 years old, she is virtually free of symptoms and when they do appear, we now know how to treat them.  I hope that all the people who reached that post because they were looking for information about the red rash on their babies' cheeks have found the help they need.

(And just a side note:  If you have reached this webpage because you are looking for information on Dr. Peter Klassen, then I must highly, highly recommend his services.  If you live in Ontario, it is well worth the drive to Waterloo to visit him.  Not only did he virtually cure Jasmine's eczema, he also successfully treated my severe nausea during my fourth pregnancy and resolved a yeast imbalance.  For my older daughter, his accurate diagnosis of a fungal UTI resolved an ongoing problem that two different antibiotics had not fixed.  I have been to other naturopaths in Toronto, but I continue to make the drive to Waterloo to see Dr. Peter Klassen as I find his knowledge and recommendations to be consistently accurate and helpful.)

Yes, I guess it's a bit of an ego-trip for me that ANYONE reads my little musings. But I especially feel good that some people have been helped by information that I have provided.

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