Monday, December 5, 2011

What My 16-Month-Old Nursling Would Like To Say (If He Could Talk)


Oh, Mommy!
I just love your milk SO MUCH.  I love it sweet and I love it warm and I love it fast and I love it slow and I love it crying and I love it laughing.  I love it SO MUCH.

I love playing with Daddy.  And I love playing with my 3 big sisters.  And I love reading my books.  And I love playing with my toys.  But I LOVELOVELOVE drinking your milk, Mommy.

My FAVOURITE time for milk is about one hour after we get out of bed in the morning and the sun is up and calling me to play.  I love it after I empty all the pots and pans out of the drawer and after I dump all the potatoes and onions out of the cupboard, that is.  It really is the perfect time for milk because I just need a little break from being so busy!

And my next favourite time for milk is when you're getting something for my sisters to eat because I know you're really, really busy and it seems to me that YOU need to sit down and rest for a minute, Mommy!  I just KNOW how important it is for you to let me cuddle you so that feel all happy inside!

And my next FAVOURITE time for milk is when I start to feel tired, Mommy, because that's when I really, really need a cuddle and you are so warm and so soft and your milk is so sweet in my mouth and it makes my belly feel like it's full of sunshine when I fall asleep.  And isn't that great, Mommy?  Isn't it great how when I sleep your milk is alive inside of me like sunshine and I am growing and thriving and becoming all that I can be?

Mommy, Mommy!  Is it YOUR favourite time when I need your milk again when I wake up from my nap?  Don't you just LOVE to cuddle me when I'm so warm and sleepy and peaceful?  That's my favourite time, too.

And sometimes my favourite time for milk is when I get my hand caught in that huge pots-and-pans drawer, Mommy.  OUCH!  And sometimes my favourite time for milk is when I see you come back from going away for a little while with one of my sisters.  And sometimes my favourite time for milk is when you won't let me grab my sisters' toys and I try to tell you SO LOUD that I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!

I just really love your milk, Mommy.  And did I mention that I love your milk all night, too?  Not just in the day?  Did I almost forget to tell you that?  I'm so silly!

Yes, Mommy, I love your milk in the night, too.  I love it to make me all warm and droopy before I go to sleep at night.  And I love it again when you go to bed a few hours later.  And I love it again just before the sun rises.  I NEED your warm sunny milk inside of me to REMIND me that the sun is coming back in the morning!

I love your milk, Mommy.  And I love you.  And I love the sun.

Thanks, Mommy.  With all my heart.
Love, Julian

(I love you too, little one.)


  1. Love this!! What a gorgeous happy little boy you must have :)

  2. This is ONE OF MY FAVOURITE POSTS Patti!!!! 8) My God it's so TRUE and it helped me REMINICE...didn't even KNOW I 'needed' to DO that!! ;)
    xo Julie xo

  3. So sweet! And what an adorable picture!