Monday, November 7, 2011

The Act of Creation

When I first started this blog I think I was a different person.  In fact, when I re-read what I first wrote about, I don't even recognize who I was those 3 years ago.

I THOUGHT I had something to say.  I THOUGHT I was an exemplary parent and that other parents could learn from me.  I THOUGHT that if I ranted about a few issues I would get them off my chest and be able to move on.  I THOUGHT that if I used value-heavy words like authenticity, potential and connection that I could present myself a woman who has really got her act together.

Frankly, I was a first-class moron.  I mean, I didn't KNOW what I DIDN'T KNOW!  I didn't know how to get authentic.  I didn't know how to reach my potential.  And sure didn't know how to develop meaningful connection with anyone, not even my children.

Yet somehow as I began to write about what I thought I already had, I began to attract those things into my life for real.  A conversation with Naomi Aldort turned me onto The Work of Byron Katie.  Then my Partner-Guy's mother gave me DVD of The Secret.  I found Tara Wagner of  The Organic Sister and did a series of coaching sessions with her.  She then introduced me to her own coach, Heather Madder, The Coach for Changemakers.  And now, finally, I am discovering some of the answers to what I have really been seeking.

Blogging, as an act of creation, can be the catalyst to finding all that we seek.  It allows us to connect with each other.  It opens us to new possibilities.  It brings ideas and opportunities to us just when we need them.  It allows us to share our energy and to receive the positivity of others.

Do you know Zoie at Touchstonez?  She is so soulful, so mindful, so authentically searching for Truth.  Her blog, as an act of creation, has inspired me so much.  She is a beautiful friend and a treasured sister.

Have you ever hopped over to Working to be Worthy?  Liana (or Cat, as I call her), is on such a deep spiritual journey through mothering.  I love to read her thoughts on life and love and to think about how I approach the same situations.  Perhaps she will soon discover that she is ALREADY worthy....

And there are more:  Kat at Loving {Almost} Every Minute, Adrienne at Mommying My Way, Heather at Mattern Family, and Ruth at Joy in Momming are all wonderful inspirations to me.  They are real moms, real soul-sisters, real women on a journey of Truth and Light and Love.  I am so grateful for all that these women have brought to my life online.

Joy and Love I send to all of you!

Do you blog as an act of creation?  What unexpected benefits have you received from your online presence?


  1. Thanks for the love and for some new blogs to check out! :)

  2. Thank you. I started blogging in January because I was getting frustrated that I seemed to be cruising through life without thinking about it or creating anything. That's why I almost always have 6 posts a week -- I use my blogging time to reflect on my day and be aware of my life. It's time for me to stretch my brain a bit and have a reality check for myself.

  3. Oh, I burst into happy tears when I read this-and that was before you mentioned me. Now, I'm full on crying. Can I please send you a huge hug right now and a wish that we weren't so far away? I'm truly honored to feel the same about you and to be mentioned in such wonderful company.

    I'm sending love and joy your way, as well. Thank you for writing and sharing of your beautiful self and family.

  4. I am so grateful for your authenticity and act of creation. Love reading your posts. Thanks